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>> this is "the fox report." key pieces to the petraeus resignation fumble comes to life. we know about the serious women to ignited the investigation of the man in charge of the cia. lawmakers of every political strife circling with questions about the timing of his departure. >> he quit over a woman after the fbi uncovered his misdeeds. now the head of the senate intelligence committee telling fox news she was never told the head of the nation's top spy agency was in trouble. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security.
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i think we should have been told. >> with petraeus gone from the cia will he ever get a full story about four americans murdered in libya. >> 3,000 miles away from washington in the mojave desert a sim poymbol of faith fox repo live from the site. and... americans honoring generations of veterans for keeping our freedom and liberty secure. >> i am harris falkner. on the behavior tonight that ended the career of general david petraeus. you may know by now petraeus admits he had an extra marital affair. we knew it involved e-mails questions of national security and a woman who was writing a book about him and now this just moments ago sources close to fox news and the petraeus family
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confirming to us a second woman was involved in the fbi investigation of his e-mails and she was in fact a close friend named jill kelly. that is her second from the right standing right next to general petraeus' wife. they were not having an affair but she did receive e-mails from paula broadwell the woman with whom petraeus was involved. how all of this relates to our nation's safety is key for you to know and understand. let's bring in correspondent jennifer griffin joining us on the phone from washington, d.c. let's start there national security and why this is important. >> well, it is very important because we -- every time a story comes out these days from -- about this story the benghazi story we keep finding out it's not the whole truth. what we have learned tonight i have spoken to sources that are close to the petraeus family and
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the kelly family and what i can confirm is kelly never worked for the state department or face off which is the joint operation command or special operations management. he is a family friend as is her sister natalie of the petraeus family. what we can confirm is jill kelly received threatening e-mails that the fbi believed could have been an attempt to plaque mail david petraeus the head of the cia. they began to investigate and that is when they came across information about the affair with paula broadwell. we cannot confirm that paula broadwell sent his threatening e-mails to jill kelly the family friend of petraeus. there's no indication that jill kelly was having an affair with petraeus. the affair general petraeus admitted to was with paula broadwell and his biographer. what is interesting, what is not
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clear at this point is who wrote the threatening mails that started this chain of events and it may not according to sources we talked to close to both families it may not have been paula broadwell herself. it has been painted as a fight between two women over general petraeus. it's not clear whether that was what it was at all. >> that's really the problem, right, jennifer. if somehow or other someone gained access to either her e-mail or that of general petraeus, that is a compromise, that is not what you want. that is access that might be nefarious and that's why they were investigating. >> and the other thing is that it is not as they gained access to his e-mail. we don't have confirmation of that. what we have confirmation of is people posted david -- close to david petraeus were receiving threatening e-mails that may have been in fact an attempt to blackmail the director of the
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cia. so there are more questions than answers tonight about who sent those e-mails and what was the nature of the threats. >> and that brings in the national security. when you have the potential for someone at his level, we are at war, when you have someone at his level who might or might not be being blackmailed that is potentially very dangerous for the rist of the country. >> also one other point that is important to clarify it is not clear whether this is about an affair with paula broadwell at all. the more questions we ask it is not clear that that affair when it began. there is some indications it began a year ago after david petraeus left the military but there are many people close to petraeus that paula broadwell was a regular fixture in afghanistan we know that and it was a secret among his friends and close friends that he did
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have a relationship with her. and that the fbi likely would have known about that when he went through his vetting to be director of the cia and confirmation hearings. so it is not clear why this is coming out right now. especially since he was facing hearings on capitol hill that were bound to be tense with the senate and house intelligence committees. now we understand he does not plan to reach those hearings. we heard from senator diane finestein the head of the intelligence committee say she may request that he come in as a private citizen and ask questions. >> we may see him sit on the seat in capitol hill it may not be on thursday but in days to come peter king of new york head of the homeland security committee he said last night there is potential if he could just step away for a few days gather himself and come back they still want to talk with him
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in he is such a key figure. that's where i want to go next with jennifer before i let you go. all of this coming just days before the hearings questions about what petraeus knew if he could take part. now questions about who knew behind the scenes in washington that the fbi was looking at the head of the cia. >> not many people knew. oversight committee on capitol hill. this is that the over site committees and the intelligence committees that are over the cia knew little about what was going on both with the affair the alleged affair and the benghazi incident. there have been -- there has been a great deal of secrecy surrounding the fbi investigation that led to concerns about this affair or alleged affair. so again a lot of people in capitol hill are wondering why
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they weren't told about the potential threat to the director of the cia, why is it coming out four-days before hearings where they were going to finally get some answers about benghazi. it just doesn't add up. i will add harris sources close to petraeus and kelly family tell me that his resignation does not have to do with benghazi a or the affair with paula broadwell or benghazi. that is according to close sources. one other point of clairificatin why did they run a story tonight saying jill kelly was working for the state department as a liaison office when it was based in tampa florida. the joint operations command everyone knows is based in fort bragg. it is not based in florida. so who was it that was feeding the ap misleading information. joe kelly according to family sources does not work for the
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state department. >> wow. >> more questions than answers. jennifer griffin, we appreciate it. i know the story seems to be breaking across this weekend almost hour by hour. we will stay on it. if the news cwarrants we will bring you back. appreciate it. >> new concerns tonight and questions from washington. you heard us talking about this about why the fbi did not inform the people at the top meaning the white house and others, and those in the intel community about the investigation that involved general david petraeus. the head of the senate intelligence committee diane finestein and jennifer mentioned her saying she first learned about the whole thing from the media. she told chris wallace in a fox news sunday exclusive earlier today when she found out it was like a lightening bolt. she has been briefed by the fbi but she wants to know why she
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wasn't told sooner than this saying it could have had an effect on national security. >> we received no advanced notice. it was like a lightening bolt. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice-chairman of both committe committees>> finestein says she doesn't think his resignation had anything to do with the terror attack on americans in benghazi. he may still be called to testify. meanwhile two other lawmakers saying the timing of the resignation is very suspicious. republican congressman and democrat dennis kucinich both were on fox news earlier today. they want to know who knew what when and who knew it all and what all of the silence was about. >> this is the head of the cia.
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if we have the head of the cia who is potentially compromised i would think that would go to the president of the united states as soon as possible. then the question is suspicious. comes days after the election and a day before he is supposed to testify. a few days before he is supposed to testify all of a sudden he is out. obviously there was some control over the timing here. he had to leave before he had to go before congress. doesn't look like, doesn't smell right. >> congressman schafer saying he will likely subpoena petraeus. the victims of super storm sandy say they can't take it any more. hundreds of thousands of people still without electricity. we will look at how they are coping and miserable conditions. anna kooiman with a preview in
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>> victims of super storm sandy struggling to recover from the widespread destruction. getting a first-hand look is home land janet nepal tano visiting hard hit staten island. fema approves more than $411 million in housing and other aid for storm victims. but many people think they are getting the run around. lots of red tape and they want actions not words. this woman fed up blasting the long island authority in new york for failing to come through. >> this night i literally stayed on my steps until i had to go to
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sleep because it was warmer outside. this is not acceptable. i had gotten all of the papers they asked for deeming me that i can have my power back. they were supposed to come on friday to have the papers in their hands. they never showed up. it is sunday and it is still not here. i want my power back so does the neighbors and the town. >> they say they are restoring power of the 8 and a half million people who lost it in the storm. they are repairing damage as fast as you can but patience is running thin tofor many of them. anna, the president promised no red tape. we are hearing it is in droves out there the red tape. >> absolutely. they are certainly struggling. we are hearing in new yor new jersey that 150,000 people are still waiting to get warm
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and get the lights turned back on. the numbers can be a bit misleading. they include ten's s of thousan of electrical systems so water logged and corroded by salt water the crews can't get in there to try to fix that for them. after angry residents protested they called for an investigation into the power stations contending just as fast as they can. 95 percent are without power. linemen are working compared to 200 on a normal day. in addition to facing necessities residents have been telling us they need donations of electrical wiring and equipment. there is little on store shelves here. they have $150 million in recovery aid. >> if you feel you are in danger, if you are uncomfortable come to a red cross come to the shelter. we have our arms open and hearts
7:18 pm
open we have our sleeves rolled up and they are a safe place to stay. >> out of the wreckage have come amazing survivor stories. lenny colletti and his wife were rescued storm serge as they go in every direction. he flagged his neighbors with a flashlight only to have the neighbors risk their own lives to rescue them. >> i was on the guy's back 210 pounds held me on his back walked me across the street. when i got across the street i lost grip because i had a little problem and i slid down to the water and then i grabbed the bar and pulled myself up and they brought us inside. >> happy to be alive. we hear so many stories like that. you see all this sand behind me when we rode out this storm and
7:19 pm
woke up on tuesday morning all of hundreds of thousands on the streets and sidewalks taken two weeks to clear they have two weeks to go. no decision has been made but it is going to be redistributed somehow. >> now that you minuted that i want people to know it was just the sand in the streets. image what is inside people's homes. >> they are not done yet. >> anna thank you very much for the update on the sooned up storm sandy victims. >> members of our armed forces this veteran's day of course we will tell yshow you how heros pd present getting together remembering, she's precious. stay with us.
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>> while many of you will have tomorrow off observing today is actually veteran's day a reminder to honor them to keep us safe. visiting arlington national cemetery laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknown. commander-in-chief paying tribute for the sacrifices those who fought for our freedom, the freedom we enjoy every day. another ceremony honoring veterans at the nation's capitol. marking a special day remembering the fallen from the vietnam war. national correspondent steve ste sent any is live with us. >> veteran's affair secretary said each soldier who served in vietnam including himself came
7:24 pm
home a changed person. in lesser way as visit to the vietnam memorial can also change a person. i was there earlier today. >> everybody has a vietnam memorial on a list of places to visit when they come to washington. very vifew realize the emotiona impact until they get here. walking by the black granite wall the names 50,000 names carved into the wall you can reach out and touch it feel it and see your reflection on the shiny surface as to reflect on the war and impact of the american history. a raw emotion as people remember their loved ones. a case of is 12 pack of beer must have been the favorite of the servicemen they leave american flags and notices and leve letters. it is a personal connection. it is not just a monument it's a living memorial and 30th year
7:25 pm
after they built and dedicated this monument millions of people nominated here. it is the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the war in vietnam. >> a nonprofit group is raising money for the education center of the wall a visitor's center that will highlight the faces and stories of those who lost their lives in vietnam. to find out more about that go to www build the >> beautiful look at the wall today. >> thank you very much. >> well, a lot of new details coming out now about the scandal that costs general petraeus's job. we are learning more about another woman involved why she went to the fbi rises again in honor of special americans those who served our nation in world war i. stay close. where others fail, droid powers through.
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officials sending harassing e-mails were sent to a woman named jill kelly. that is jill kelly second from the right in the photo sending right next to the general's wife holly. kelly was a family friend of the petraeus's. she got the e-mails she complained to federal investigator that's when they started their probe. now the fbi about to get hit with questions about the investigation. senator diane fine stein head of the sennal intelligence committee saying they learned about the matter with the media and was only done after the f beshg i wants to know when this was do why it wasn't done soone. national immigration. a new plan is in the works to over ahall our nation's foreign policy.
7:31 pm
schumer and graham talking their idea today. it includes a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the united states. >> deportation is not going to work. fix it in a way we don't have a third wave of illegal immigration 20-years from now. that is what americans want they want to fix illegal immigration after all. they will do nothing until you secure the border be identified start paying taxes pay a fine for the law they broke. they can't stay unless they learn their language and they have to get in the back of the line. >> senator graham and i have talked and we are resuming the talks that were broken off two years ago. we are putting together a comprehensive detail blue print on immigration reform. it had the real potential for bipartisan support based on the theory that most americans are
7:32 pm
for legal immigration very much against illegal immigration. >> they are developing a document to make sure they are hiring them to work in the country. >> the death toll rising from a strong earthquake. 12 people killed. we go around the world in 80 seconds. this video from the moment the earthquake struck the impact rocking the northern part of the country. 100 homes destroyed. the quake causing a bridge and a gold mine to collapse. >> pakistan. thousands of people venting their fury against the united states in a rally organized by religious leaders.
7:33 pm
while their anger fudz consider this pakistan has $25 billion of aid in america since the 9-11 terror attack 11 years ago. protestors marching against the ford motor tore company. ford is closing one of the assembly plants by the end of 2014 many will lose their jobs. they are feeling the effect of the european debt crisis with car sales plummeting. china more than 100 pair of twins gathering for the annual twins festival. china has a strict one child policy but exceptions are permitted under multiple births. that's fox around the world in 80 seconds. fox news alert the winter storm we have been watching on the west coast is breaking
7:34 pm
records and moving east. maria molina is live in the weather center. >> risk of severe weather as we head across portions of the south and texas arkansas and northern portions of louisiana. this has cold air behind it. we are seeing areas of heavy rain thundershowers from illinois and missouri. once the showers and storms wrap up you will see snowfall. light snowfall as we head into portions of wisconsin iowa and portions of missouri. we have warm temperatures we are seeing the severe weather risk. it will be expiring in 30 minutes across portions of southwestern arkansas and northeastern texas. they have a risk to see tornadic
7:35 pm
storms. moving in any of those areas northwestern parts of louisiana some storms could include not just large hail and wind gusts 60 miles an hour at times. temperatures with this front it's a strong front. we are seeing a sharp contrast right now in the 60s. over in new orleans the kind of storm cold 27 in minneapolis, 34 in kansas city. storm will continue moving eastward and as we head into monday night and tuesday we will be seeing rain across the new york city area. >> warmed up quite a bit here on the east coast. now that will collide with the next system. >> doesn't seem like that will be a big concern in new york city. the big story will be the colder air behind it and sandy will be without power. >> let's talk about them.
7:36 pm
pi people who live there from staten island new york to help those recovering from super storm sandy. kindness new yorkers showed them in their time of need. we have more. stal staten island hundreds of homes hit. they are working hard. >> flood waters reached above the windows inside randy's house. several people he didn't even know helped him clean up the debris. >> touching, heartwarming is not near enough a word to describe how you feel when these things are going on. people took time-out of their life to help. >> thank you very much. >> he was also feeling overwhelmed debris every where in the backyard. then this group just showed up and started cleaning.
7:37 pm
>> among the hundreds of workers and volunteers who come to staten island today and there are hundreds assisting with this cleanup effort we found this group. they know first hand about the struggles that are in this community. hurricane katrina victims drove up from louisiana. >> you all came to us in our dire need. >> i was in line 7 years ago lined up getting more. it was nice to give back. >> the outpouring of love and support and help it is so overwhelming. >> lower receipt and her family lost their home but they pulled knees photos from the rebel. they haven't lost their faith. >> nothing else ex security
7:38 pm
family and love and memories. >> i love this kid. >> brings tears to my eyes. >> kids always know just how to put it. did you see that big pot of jambalaya? mmm, mmm. a terrifying scene. a deadly explosion rips through the neighborhood forcing hundreds of people to run from their home. >> military bribes getting a big gift for their big day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:42 pm
forcing several00 people to evacuate the neighborhood two people sustaining minor injuries. it looks like a war zone but the explosion not stopping. one neighbor coming to the rescue. >> it was a loud explosion the house shook we ran up looked around insulation falling like snow. my son my fef new and i ran over and the thousanhouse was gone. the houses next to us got him out and the wife was trapped in the recliern. finally got her out. flames started taking that house over. >> thank the good lettered for that neighbor. it wasn't immediately obvious what caused this. it could take weeks to find out what caused the explosion. a frightening landing when a
7:43 pm
plane skids off the runway. it is our top story as we go across america. >> colorado a jet slides into a ditch. >> it was a bunch of rumbling and next thing we knew we were in a ditch. >> no one was hurt. california a twister caught on tape. >> it started growing and looked like you could see that dark cloud where it would v down to where it touches the ground. it was probably a mile or two and got larger and larger. >> in the end the weather service calling it a weak
7:44 pm
tornado. a shooting clears out a shopping mall. >> somebody said that sounds like a gun shot. >> two groups of teens got into a fight in the central area by the mall. one of the kids pulled out a gun and fired the shot the bullet lodging in the wall. no one hurt. several teens in custody. designer dresses for military brides for free. th >> this bride getting the gown of her dreams to marry the love of her life. >> he is 19 years in the army and he just got back from deployment in iraq. >> the charity brides donating the gowns. >> we would never have been able to afford it. not this. i appreciate them making this moment happen for me. >> that's the fox watch across america. it is a war memorial which veteran had to fight to keep and
7:45 pm
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>> e was a >> there's a lot of controversy over this. war memorial is rising once again for years a cross stood on a special perch on federal land at the mojave desert. it was ordered to be removed on claims it was unconstitutional. now it is going back up. capping a landmark case for veterans fighting similar battles on public land we are live in barstow california with
7:49 pm
more. >> hi there. a lot of hope to veterans who are caught up in rounds. on the outcrop of rock behind me here today it was restored and rededicated with a symbol honoring america's fallen soldiers. restoration for a controversial dedication to america's memorial the mojave cross memorial led to its own conflict of its own. raised by world war i veterans on public land found itself in the center of a national fight over the separation of church and state that went to the supreme court. >> it has been a 13 year battle. a lot of ups and downs. they said it has to come down. then they said no it can stay. we are happy to have it resolved. >> the cross was concealed from public view vandalized and eventually stolen but it
7:50 pm
reappeared last week inexplicitly hundreds of miles away from the site with a note attached but no clues who was behind the heist. today's rededication ceremony a strong show of support many veterans from america's mrooents wars. >> this country has a special place in the heart for veteran the. >> it was conveyed friday for the national park service which cemented the end of the debacle. >> they have crosses on their hands what to do with the society. it's a commemoration to america's war vets. >> this journey has been a long one. people watching and following this story may have an idea.
7:51 pm
but it has a rippling effect. they are on public property. a lot of people say the crosses represent the christian religion. the supreme court decision says this one in particular reflects the crosses of u.s. fallen soldiers you see in cemeteries where soldiers lost their lives in the name of freedom. it is not necessary about religion. thank you very much. >> this just in. a statement coming in now. associated press is reporting joe kelly. there are now two women involved in different ways in this scandal that surrounds general gave individual petraeus w -- d
7:52 pm
petraeus who left the cia on friday. jill kelly who received threatening e-mails from the computer of a former girlfriend paula broadwell with whom petraeus was having an affair allegedly. jill kelly issued a statement to the associated press acknowledging her friendship with the former cia director and asking now for privacy. as we have been reporting tonight the family says she p and petraeus had an affair but she received threatening e-mails from broadwell or from broadwell's computer. she contacted them. more than five years they have. >> to the right is the general's wife holly. that is their family photo showing that they do have a relationship. she acknowledges that and now
7:53 pm
she is asking for privacy. >> we will have more on the story. >> a busy day on the nfl. defending super bowl champions would much rather forget i would image. >> is coming up next. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits
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>> wa, wa. nobody's perfect. just ask the atlanta falcs. >> they were the only undefeated team in the nfl now they are not. peter sleigher of is here. >> falcons came into the game the best start to the season. new orleans saints in new orleans. this one was close for a while. the falcons had a chance incomplete pass. the saints get their win. miami dolphins of 1972 the only
7:57 pm
team to go all of the way through an nfl season and win the super bowl undefeated. the falcons become the last team in the nfl to record a loss this year. if you were the super bowl camp kwho champions you are probably reviewing game tape. >> 6-3 the record looked okay. it will be fine. they are playing the gang benga team. they through the giants out. 31-13. and dee dault from the cincinnati bengals he looked likely lymaning out there. bengals get their fourth. giants 6-4 and have a by week to look at film and say what happened in ohio. >> cowboys beat the eagles. >> the headline is philadelphia starting quarterback michael vick knocked out of the game. they lose insult in injury. they are in trouble. they are 3-6 on the year now.
7:58 pm
stick around. what we have next is beautiful. >> that is fox report. huckabee is next. before we go a girl born on an army base with a military dad veteran's day has been special in my mouse hold. a special thank you to all of our veterans and their families for their service and their sacrifice. we would not be the great nation that we are without you. ♪
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